Please drop us a message in our chat box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
How do I make a request for pet services?
You can make a request for pet services through our website or through our app. You will get a few quotes from different sitters or walkers for you to compare within minutes to hours. We always recommend using the app as its more fun and you can hear a woof or meow everytime you receive a notifcation.
How does PetBacker work? Featured
Thank you for finding us here. We know choosing the best pet sitter for your pet is tough, especially if its the first time you need to travel since getting your pet dog or cat. This article is a must read for tips to make it easier to choose the best pet sitter for your pets.

For your safety and convenience we encourage owners and pet sitters to use our messaging system to chat to protect both parties in the event of a dispute. When a decision to hire is made, a pet owner can proceed to Book and Pay ONLY on PetBacker. The payment is always REFUNDABLE before the job starts if the owner decides not to proceed with the booking.

On PetBacker, you are part of a community of trusted pet lovers. If a Pet Sitter asks you to pay them in cash, simply say “No, thanks”. If they insist, we recommend that you report them to us and look for a different sitter. It is in everybody’s best interest to handle all bookings via our website or app.

What happens if the pet I am taking care of dies or gets lost

If the customer pet is missing, it is your responsibility to immediately make a search around the area. We will advise what needs to be done and where to search. We will also help to provide up to USD$100 for a Facebook lost pet advertisement.

It is also the responsibility of the pet sitter to make a report to us within 24 hours and also to make a report to the police for suspecting theft. In the event the pet is not recovered, It is the pet sitter's responsibility to discuss with parents for their losses and any compensation. PetBacker cannot do anything as it is out of our control when the pet is with the pet sitters.

Please be reminded that pet parents may file a law suit against the pet sitter. In the event the pet is dead, which is an unlikely event, it will be the responsibility of the pet sitter and pet parents to send the pet for an autopsy to analyse if the cause is a result of a previous sickness, or a sickness or accident during the care of the pet sitter.

As such, it is important for you to send the pet to a vet if you suspect there is an issue before it is too late. Pet parents will need to pay for the 1st USD$350 of the fees while PetBacker's insurance will help settle the next USD$1500 vets fee.

PetBacker may withhold or delay any outstanding payouts to the sitter at its discretion pending investigations regarding the lost pet or until the pet is found. If the pet cannot be found, all payment for the related job will be refunded to the pet owner.