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Value for Money

You name it we have it! Fulfilling all your paw needs. Making pet parenting Pocket friendly!

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Pet Community

Make your Kid a star among by sharing his/her awesome moments with the rest of the pet community. Connect with fellow parents and help and share tips and tricks.

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Deal & Promos

You’ll never miss another brilliant offer or deal. Get notified of every new or exclusive offer our service providers have to offer.

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Appointment Management

Find and book service providers that suit your schedule and not the other way round. No more manual calling delays or stress!

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Health Tracking

A single organized repository of all attributes of your furkid’s well being. Detailed insight into your kid’s health and needs, maintained in one organized place.

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Reminders / Tracking

Be notified about everything at one place Never miss an important activity or appointment Highly organized in-app notifications to stop spamming.

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Lost and Found

With our new intelligent feature never lose your ever-wandering pet kid again!

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Welcome to the World of PawSome Parenting

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One Stop Shop for all your Paw-Needs

Dread taking your Pawkid to the groomer? Not anymore!Find the most suitable, trusted and professional groomers for your little snuggle ball and keep them healthy and happy! All from the convenience of your palm!

Cater to your paw kids’ medical needs by connecting with qualified Vets. No more manual appointment woes and manual records sharing or storing. Get the best medical help for your Paw kid with just a single click!!

Worried about how expensive will it cost to board the pet to nearby sitters?? Find out how much would the pet sitters around you cost and choose the best affordable in just a few clicks!!

Not having enough time to look after your pet today?? Book an appointment with nearest pet sitters for your pawkids!Drop them off to their favourite sitters without fear

We are there for your Paw kid in good times and in bad. Avail claims though trusted Pet insurance schemes. Have a personal agent to stand by you when you need help!

Find a friendly and an affordable companion for your precious paw kid. Every sitter comes with a merit scale that allows you to make suitable and informed choices for your kid!

Do you want to dress up your pawkids but no idea how cool will it be?? Explore into the world of fashion for pawkids with fabulous clothings and much more.A few clicks is all it takes!!

Wanna improve the lifestyle of your pawkids and want them feel more loved?? Find latest and bestselling accessories with amazing deals and offers at ease.Strengthen the bond between you and your pawkids /posess an in depth relationship with yur pets

Spending hours searching the right product for your pets?? No worries!! Now pawsanta helps you to find the top quality products for all your fins, feathers, paws and claws in and around you and choose the best pawssible foods in a single click!!

Too much concerned with the overall wellness of your pets?? There’s a wide range of quality healthcare products with best price.Find the most suitable products for your pawkids ensuring both its physical and emotional Well-being with single clicks.

Looking for comforting for your pawkids?? Don’t even need to actually step out to buy these furniture, a lots and lots of cozyfurniture exclusively for the pets are around: ALL LIVE Transform shopping into a pawsome experience with pawsanta.

Does your pawkid feels bored and less active?? No need to worry about it anymore! There exists huge varieties of toys that stimulate the pawkids and strengthening the bond between you and your kid!!

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