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At PawSanta, we’ve endeavored to build just the right Community and create a platform for all the pawrents to come together and share the stories of their “Paws and Effect” moments.

Struggling to understand your kid’s behavior?  Worried about some new habits that they’ve picked up? 

Want to share that special day or a heart-melting photo with the wider parents?

PawCialise is precisely what we’ve built for you to indulge in! HUMAN is a Social Animal after all!

Along with all the fun and celebration, Pawcialise further brings together the pawrents to share collective wisdom, new ideas, support, motivate each other and hold hands in moments of sorrow and despair. 

Despite all this extensive socializing, your privacy and preferences remain in your hands at all times. You can choose to interact in a small group, a country pawrent base or the global pawrent community at large. 

Your kid would never be alone if he wanders off, coz’ the Parent  PAWLICE would always be there in the search of the lost one! A lost post can be created and the whole community would be alarmed and will join PAWZ in search of the lost baby. They can also leverage PawSanta’s intel to scan the unique QR code attached to your furry’s collar and Santa would do the rest in reuniting the family